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this practice there are three zones of sensory nerve activity
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temporary absorbable tampon. He urged the importance
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Oliver. Lancet, 1885, i. p. 1237.-84. Oppenheim. Neurol. Centralbl. 1894. — 85.
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The policy challenge of equitable introduction and de-
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Now, on the other hand, we have fortunatel)' altered
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alone have not proved to be successful. The central-
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above distressing symptoms disappeared. Th^ only consequences of her
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or ptosis in any form, a POMEROY gives satisfying relief.
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fifteen years spent in hospitals has taught us to appreciate the
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that of the paralysis, after which there is a steady decline, normal
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1893,3. s., XV, 284-299. Also: Rev. gen. d'opht.. Par.,
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that life can not continue. The idea that their death under
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tissue contracts strongly and expels the residual air to such a degree
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consists of thirty lliree leaves closely written over on
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cept in cases of contagion and infection,) rarely developing itself in
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men ever assembled in Virginia, I am, as I said, embarrassed
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ticular pains to make as sharp a distinction as circum-
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absorbed in fifteen days, although the wound had healed almost throughout by
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encountered a considerable number of cases of post partum hemorrhage,
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Very virulent, 1; slightly virulent, 1; avirulent, 1.
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Thanks to generous benefactors, there will no longer
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about us, and there is a temptation to leave the ideal and
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barrier to resist rupture of the abscess into the peri-
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fear of cystitis always before him, could make it. Three
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changes in the mucous membrane, and not to any merely me-
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exclusives in this country known to the Comitia Minora
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ulcer may destroy life by hemorrhage or by perforation.
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ing the Act into efl'ect might be defrayed out of the Con-
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the 1975 legislative session upon which the Society has
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as she believed, a noise in her chest, and on the following day she
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Buchwald and associates approached the etiologic ques-