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moment. It is from the conscience and the charitable impulses
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are more particularly concerned with the pathological conditions found,
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J. Gunning, J. Conlt. Carpne, and J. Doratt, Eiqrs. Surgeons.
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oliform node to the nuclear membrane ; the node and the filaments
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duce chronic inflammation of the arteries and the vessels become
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with fluid, while of tlie kidney structure itself but little
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Then again, from her bountiful stores, nature has provided sub-
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done by civilian surgeons in examining applicants for places
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corneal perforation he would use the pressure bandage.
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every recurrence of her periods of ovulation sufficient of the
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The author has used local applications of sulphoricinate
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ment, when needful, and to avoid active interference when the powers of na-
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The only conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that,
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in water," but indicate exactly the quantity of medicine to
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the neighborhood of native houses, which are the perennial source of
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it would seem to be a perfectly justifiable and advisable one in all
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Ophthalmic practice. Von Graefe's, Dr. Samelson on,
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..... As to the second point to which you call attention —
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and promote the putrefaction of retained discharges, but of a
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vical Cord"; and also "A Case of Brown-Sequard Syn-
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In the state of profound toxaemia which characterized the severer
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imaginary mental state of which the existence is assumed by the
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found even more extensive than we had anticipated, the carti-
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Ehrlich has pointed out that substances that conform much
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the vomited material consists of mucus with some gastric