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crises come at irregular intervals weeks or months apart

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the current. The indifferent electrode is for forty three cents. However an ounce

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Attending Physician Department Throat and Nose Dispensary of Long Island College Hospital.

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tion of the uterus. That it also hastens the restora

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under lying bone. The appearance of the altered tissue was now quite

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brought prominently before us by an incident which recently

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In Parker s case the patient was in good health except for slight

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glands are occasionally found. In closing the wound I have

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became aware of this nevertheless the feai of wounding his

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dians which recur in twenty four hours tertians in forty eight and

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into the superior vena cava. He made two series of experiments on

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in the anaesthetic sleep they could give him quite large

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tonitis. Though a firm believer in the use of antiseptic

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lance and motorcycle was fitted with what was known as crash equip

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scapular pain include valvular and myocardial disease

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ments. Fifteen control mice were also inoculated at this time.

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portant diagnostic points. In the second group of cases the perihepatitis

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his physician every day. The better class physician makes his visit in a

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lumbar region which is generally so severe that the patient

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At this point in the operation the patient liad a severe epileptic

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By the municipal or local I mean those agencies for prevention

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Cohn Michael A. Stone av Dimock Asa Redmond Sixth av

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tion of the. mcriean Medical.Association bring itself to hear

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should not be continued so long as to induce profuse per

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branes or throat we proffer soft and moist foods that shall act as

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shortened to an ellipse etc. The distortion from this

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of any service consists of massage and the use of electricity.

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Methods of Staining. Spread the material on a slide or cover glass as

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found very much of the consistency and appearance of cottage

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make with constant success. The authors write on a basis of eighty

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it is the islands of Langerhans which provide this secretion a

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and no external anaesthesia. This is attributed by Rosen

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In several animals the injection of cacodylate was begun imme

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How then are we to know whether any opinion we hold is

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fatal and in our own country is often most destructive receiving

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fragments there seemed to be a sensitive chord which

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is likely to occur at any time. culatory disturbances.