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older it becomes more salient, and forms a cup-shaped ulcer with glossy
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tributed throughout the world than alcohol. Almost every nation has its
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Q3) Extension of inflammatory process through walls.
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suddenness of the interruptions and how long the contraction is sus-
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sudden shocks, the remoteness of the joint from the heart, so that the
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In time this intermittent pressure may, by reducing blood-supply, bring
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through the lungs. Such a conception was an entirely new one and to most
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for then mercurial vapours escape. As a class, hat makers show a higher
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containing, say, 1 gr. of calomel, 1 of euonymin, and \ gr. of powdered
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to submit to judicious treatment, he considered that there were no extra-
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presence of oedema in the majority of pre-eclamptics would at once
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scribe how the fhin line held in the Battle of the ilarne.
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haemorrhage may take place into a pancreatic cyst, and then the patient
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are divided, according to the places of their growth, into Sego-
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value. In the more superficial types, i. e. acne simplex and acne pustulosa, the
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down. One occurs gradually, the other suddenly. One may be
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covered with very little earth, it was not pofllble
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upon the portal vein. It is impossible to classify the causes more
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tagmus and exaggerated knee-jerks, all of which rapidly disappeared
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so-called cold abscesses, soften or ulcerate, discharging a grumous, purulent
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becoming green, blue, violet, red, and lastly yellow. If to some nitric acid
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interesting when we bear in mind that some sufferers from cirrhosis have
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tuberculous subject should sleep alone, and if possible have a separate room.
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withdrawing the bougie, it may in some cases be found to be covered
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of a state of poisoning due to an excess of thyroid hormone. Conse-
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Promotions to Professorial rank were made in the various departments as
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on the theory of an existing toxasraia, how the withholding of the poison
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Frerichs ; in this form there are signs of cardiac failure, followed by coma ;
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glandered horfes are in general perfedly found, and
hydroxyzine pamoate 50 mg oral capsule
pulmonary collapse. These conditions, grouped under the name of catarrhal
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land, France, bzc. they beget colts larger than them-
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hay and fcalded bran, if he will eat it : his drink
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motion ; and accordingly it is fo praftifed in the heft riding-
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frequently takes place, there is an abnormal widening of the medullary
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The muscles are also attacked, and so are the bones — hence the term
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beef. The meat left over was warmed up and eaten on the following
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fome which are in heat before that time : but it is