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old age of ninety-one years. What a blessing to his country had he
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best means of preventing venereal disease. A seventh
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disease by the flea to an uninfected person, to eliminate all doubt,
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was inclined to base his opinion ; and that, too, without
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was one of the first to suggest that the contagion was carried by the faeces,
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authorities, but no pains were taken (as far as our information
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ideas of Granville, who thought the neuralgia consisted in a
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and for this purpose a modification of Heath's splint was
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cases of acute inflammation of the long'bones, which was un-
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Laurence T. O'Connor, Jr.. Preliminary Surgery; The New
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An English physician relates in the Lancet an interesting expe-
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mark and of evidences of the perpetuity of this law. The first
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Suppose for a moment the child of a syphilitic parent be vaccinated.
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at the lower part of the tumor, about an inch and a half
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can be asked in connexion with the subject of heredity ; and the
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entrance as to have led to the belief that the ball had passed
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and cure. The laws of temperature and climate have their
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that of the lower animals, it is probable that a less degree of heat
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Gentiana linearis, Froel. as G, pneumonanthe, L. Laramie River, July 1 2.
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summary of American work in all branches of surgery and in allied
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these means ; it is then necessary to have recourse to purgatives,
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and in those in whom the eyes are near together it will in a correspondix^^ degree be less.'
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that might seem to have been avoided or was inexcusable and needless,
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The rational explanation of the process of elimination or
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welcome addition to any group that was going anywhere
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the pleasure and instruction of children, and the "Needlework
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of the s3-mptoms which follow upon the administration of
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" find a place in every public and medical library." — Glasgow Herald.
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teams composed of picked men of surgical ability, each supplied with
tions, aid healing by grafting, avoid cicatricial contrac-
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after the fifth day and no pus was seen at any time.
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treatment of sickle cell anemia with hydroxyurea and erythropoietin
Kliningsberg, and Dr. E. Salkowski. — The observations contained in this paper
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following this inspection with proper recommendations for illumination.
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. neither too greatly nor too slightly convex, a perfect image of any
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has found to be of value in allaying the paroxysm. The