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Dose: Of a solution of six pills to two tablespoonfuls of water, give
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Dr. H. Bert Ellis, Los Angeles: The paper was one of great merit. This sub-
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upper w r alls of the vagina. I informed the husband re-
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blower, piper, trumpeter, wheezer, etc. The most common dis-
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ill did not arise from any food, as shell-fish, etc. I know he is
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age were not enrolled last year in public schools, and of
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\ >,vv>v. "'I vaA> ^*^* necessary to have recourse to diuretics. In
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against the mucous membrane of the mouth or pharynx.
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arising from dilatation of the right side of the heart. The appetite and
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cases in which the tuberculosis was of bones or joints
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given by Major Byam, might be supposed to remain active carriers of the
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ter) or chloride of zinc (gr. Ti-lO to the oz. of water).
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An initial chill may occur. It is,, how'ever, never so severe or prolonged as
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former chairman of the committee, stated that he informed
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and when born, in November, 1892, weighed 4' 2 pounds.
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Naughton, of Albany: De Lamater: Frank Hamilton, of Buffalo; Beck, of
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raphy, Washington, D. C, 1912. Also, Zeitschr. f. Immunitatsforch. u. exper.
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As regards respiration, we have first to notice that in the adult
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prevalence of malarial fever with as great constancy
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head; no fever or delirium last night. Slept all night very qui-
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pneumonia, etc. ; more rarely there is ursemia. Some-
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earn Treasury-based rates. You can get them through
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Dr. Shattuck also reported the following case : —
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During the past four years, Dr. Eerrari of Reggio {Centralhl. f. Nervenh.
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not uncommonly relieved by hemorrhage. The recogni-
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In this case the whole amount of pressure did not exceed that
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as " mucus," which has given the name " catarrh " to
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touch so essential in diagnosis, there is some danger of forget-
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If a sufficient quantity of blood has been taken from the arm at
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in supposedly normal individuals. He mentions, however, that stiple
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to be postponed because my health is such that my dear wife
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aiBcit, lingua aspera et nigra, spiritus sane calore
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•^ No. 9.— tA woman, forty-6ve years of age ; the inferior extremities
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is largely used in the adulteration of flour. In one ounce of loz-
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As we dream of the future we seem to see the day when