Permethrin Dragnet

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Thomson & Logan Turner: I'.rlt. Med. Journ., December, 1900.
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The death-rate ranged from G.9 in Reading to 28.9 in Bir-
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Dr. Edgar McC^uire, •''" in an article on the above
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ternal blood, nor do they have any injurious effect
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time after he had tasted this liquid, that he felt very
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13th, 1.S65, at 4.45 p.m. The chair having been taken
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Anologous Products in the District of Columbia, etc. Treasury
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'"Ritter, A.: Ueber die Bedingungen f. die Entstehung der Harn-
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WiLLE, C. W., assistant surgeon. Relieved from duty at
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* Presented May 13, 1903, at the Sixth Triennial Congress of Amei-
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