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Attention has been drawn to the practice now becoming more
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be in a dilute form and cold. In some cases it is necessary to feed ike
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muscular; for it is evident that it possesses more or less contractil'e
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in the pelvis or any evidence of adhesions of the sac to contiguous
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does not seem to be likely to be mistaken for the complaint with which we
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should be especially particular not to keep on splints
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and mental diseases for the specialist. Part I considers nerv-
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ordinary individual can do little to lessen it. He may see that his drink-
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are practically unaffected by the digestive juices. The fact that
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9V2 minutes; prothrombin time, 13V« minutes; control, 8 minutes . She was
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When the Association of American Medical Colleges was organ-
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Children's lives are sacrificed by this custom, while the cause
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he cut through the tendon in the hock of an ox, which he did not think the
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some cases to apply a blister. (See "To Blister," under "Ring-
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servations on the study of the subject in India. Cong,
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give no valid reason why the medical profession generally
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A product of the dry distillation of wood. of Juniperus
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bladder and Galldiicts. — During recent times we have
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versities were counted, it would bo found there were only somo
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its immediate vicinity. But in imagining this we fall into the same error
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Brazil. This is as it should be, and we rejoice to find
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and loe have every reason to suppose that there is developed in
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a distance of 500 or 600 meters mosquitos are appreciably rare.
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its being agitated it felt so hot that he could hardly
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From the southern and eastern part of this State numbers of cases
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or miscarriage may occur. The jaundice disappears after parturition.
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I Convenient S./.D. dosage - 250 mg, 500 mg and 750 mg tablets
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ical interest in chronic poisoning has, therefore, become greatly lessened.
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the '• Medical Register " issued by the Medical Council, and that
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not a full possession of reason in this case ; there was some evidence of
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results of excessive inflammations, diseased conditions of the
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cating the principles of Willan's artificial, but nevertheless very simple
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of tliese he appeared to have recovered. Soon after
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and all the surgeons after him had failed to see, Dr.
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this city, where the poor may obtain protection from the smallpox gra-
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flow of saliva was immoderate in one of them. j\o soreness of
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Ponos affects the children of rich and poor alike, and
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benzoperacid. The latter possesses an odor not unlike that of chlorinated
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their lives to prescribe for the sick at rates of remuneration