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motile, although at a temperature of 37 ' C. it is actively mo-
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healthy. In two days the nurse was well and attending
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clinics this summer in comparison with last, the reason of which
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error in diet or to leaving bed too early ; but in such cases the
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and the expense. In the Journal of Electro-Therapeutics
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symptoms. In the majority of cases there was evidence of
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2. Strykowski J : Diving for Fun, Northfield, Illinois, Dacor Cor-
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seemed strange to me that enlightened and even highly
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" the outline of a hydrocele depending upon the anatomical con-
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flesh and a vegetable diet, and with them the^alimentary canal is
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cleus lenticularis of the corpus striatum. In this location the
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discovered may also afford most important evidence.
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rheal origin. The infection is usually acquired indirectly,
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the poison had been taken. Perforation of the coats is so uncommon a result
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the very important topic which was proposed but not discussed
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ising success. 5. Perineal prostatectomy offers advantages over
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•would remove much of the objection which many persons feel
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In many of the cases reported of contagion, from in-
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2. If the trineural fasciculus came from the cord, its
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with the heaviest load. Thus the cilia, when compelled to carry a
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Right Subclavun and Common Carotid Arteries^ with Report op
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commonly associated with mesaortitis, as before stated, affecting the root of
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of watching, at least since the earlier stages, the difficulty is not
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first child, and on examination found the head very high up, and almost out of
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awaken as deep emotion as the music of Beethoven or the
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0[)eratioii was successful. Of these 13 cases, 6 died in six months, and 7
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cases, in every instance, originated in the camps and barracks adjoining the
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taining nine gallons nearly to, or within a few yards of, the
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sis, and to sterilize milk before it is stamped out, are
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Cyst. — Dr. Leonard D. White, of Uxbridge, Mass.,
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and pathology, from Schleiden and Schwann (the first cell-dis-
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this thickened vessel may be high or low. The symptoms which bring the
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states that between Nov. 30, 1900, and May 8, 214 cases of
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or impossible, the injection of fluid from the arachnoidal space be-
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vexity of the brain, choroid plexus and ventricles differed from one another only
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against disseminated sclerosis, and there was nothing to suggest a gross lesion
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in the system which it can attack, the symptoms which
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apparently contributed well edited stenographic reports
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once determined by comparing the discoloured spots with the surrounding
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was that small-pox spread over the district. On the
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for their consideration, are i, hypnotism ; 2, hydrastinine ;
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as preparation. Mj. Summer, Hoerr; Autumn, Winter, Bartelmez, Hoerr.
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saccharine solution, converting it into alcohol, C 2 H 8 0, and car-
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problems which must be resolved by command decision. One de-
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Seo. 675. A person who willfully and wrongfully commits
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jects of it are suspicions, irritable, and impulsive, being C< nspicuonsly weakened