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house, (here being no funds to keep it open; and a case of
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staining, with nuclear ghosts or disappearance of the nuclei.
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those aspects of the education which cannot be adequately
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The author prefers this technique to that of Kulen-
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often thought of that when reflecting on the overheat-
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occasionally followed, and still more rarely relieved, by vomit-
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Not heard from, or insufficient elapse of time since op-
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Misturae Camphorae, j. Misce, fiat haustus omni nocte
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objected to its use on a(;count of the extreme fetor of
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1876 LoNGHUEST, AiiTucrii Edwin Tumple, M.D., 2(3, Lower IJelgiave
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well abreast of the most recent advances in medicine ;
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dition he is to be treated upon the same general plan as indicated in
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5111 deaths from appendicitis and 7501 from peritonitis being reported as
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of Physicians and Surgeons, where it has remained until
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unilateral peripheral vestibular lesions, the bias component
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60 years and upwards, including 20 persons aged 70 and upwards,
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E. Owens, M. D., Chief Surgeon C. & N. W\ Ry., Chicago, 111.
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art. All the trained faculties, the careful culture, and the ripe
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grains may be given in the same manner. The chloride may
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explained fully, so that the book may be used as a laboratory
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ceeded with them, but they are liable to slip off. I
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York, which surely would not have appeared if the writer
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brown watery fluid devoid of odour. In the course of the
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level. The action of the heart was too irregular for satis-
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performed at 10.30 a.m. and I saw him that night at 10 p.m.
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for 25 cts. a box ; wholesale for $1.50 per dozen. Direc-
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interior up to a fair degree of humidity is a large one. So far engineers
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Bishop with the consent of a doctor of physic ought to examine
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appetite is lost, and bowels are often constipated. The pulse varies with
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Mrs. Ruth Murphy, GS-8, October 1967, occupational therapist
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with the significant remark that if any such measure as was
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Memorial Hospital, Affiliated with the University of Tennessee, Etowah,
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A second case was observed by Bouziau. This was a new-born
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" The child has had four powders. To continue taking-
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domen being tympanitic. Over the liver the resonance was
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shown these measures to be injurious. Blisters and other counter-irritant
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myself are so uniform, accords with the varying results obtained by the earlier
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