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the proper method of their compensation has always been a

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with the papers of Flexner, Kruse (1900) published his investigation on

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position. I may add that, although this course was ofifered

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hyaline casts in his urine. There was no albumin present.

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contrast, on the one hand, between the average a strong

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greater than those of recovery." Butler, 1894, "A decreased

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total of 2,667 autopsies showed perforation in 7 per cent. Mackenzie found

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fever was about one week. The longest interval of normal temperature

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perhaps, in the number of plasma cells present. They usually occur in small

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Wells states that during an attack of pneumonia, patients harbormg intestinal

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On acid potato the growth is sparse, slightly moist, and of a very faint yellow

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blood, in the vast majority of cases, was a mere accident,

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largement or other affection of the prostate gland.

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syphilis loom up before our minds and tend to make us forget

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descending colon was entirely free at the beginning. Slimy stools, with

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syrup of squills is also useful. The Jackson mixture consisting of equal

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should say not over 65-70 per cent, of the normal — and my

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is one of the most instructive examples of an epidemic due to an infected

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90 per cent, of the cases near death, and earlier in the disease in 60 per cent.

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Technique for the Detection of the Tubercle Bacillus in

does imuran cause wieght gain

upon the location and extent of the membrane and upon the later symptoms.

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alone. Thus, when pain is a prominent feature, the breathing may be very

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quite frequently; he attributes it to the action of the antitoxin, and considers

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Holden, Edgar, M.D., On the Defeat of Heredity, 121;

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well equipped medical men every case of sickness. Each case of sickness

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Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and England asking

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Ulcers Beginning to Heal, with a Perforation in the Centre