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of existence, and the retention of the powers of the constitution.

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oxygeniferous agent. The ancients, when they named the

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clusions which, although not universally correct, because no

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he abandoned the case, and Drs. E. Hartshome, Bodman, and

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In the vast majority of cases, chronic inflammation in this situation

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obstruction be situated at the lower part of the large intestine, careful

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Aside from the study of the diseases of the eye, the opthalmoscope

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tion, and fall into the habit of counting the pulse, feeling the heart's beat,

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observed by any one in the preparations upon the table.

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The Humanized Crusts are warranted to be from typical cases,

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females, hysterical phenomena may be associated with the development of

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(2) Keating— Maternity, Infancy, Childhood, " " i.oo

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and two years ; and 950 between the ages of two and five years.

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The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, for July and

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benefitted from the application of exact hygienic and scien-

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treatment in this stage, therefore, will be here considered, and simply- re-

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the patient, it conflicts with the first object, viz., the prolongation of life.

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cally. Yet the mortality from the disease has undoubtedly diminished

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liquid in the air-passages, and inability to make the efforts requisite for

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degree, open, candid, honorable, generous ; so that he might have

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evolution and development of organisms therefrom require certain condi-

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Melancholia. "A short course of nitrogen monoxide is said to change the face of nature for such