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described b^' U. Mosso, or the changes in volume pulse pictured by

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Contraindications to the Use of the Tube. Of direct contraindications

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charge from the sinus is little or none ; and no fluctua-

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obstinacy to particular houses or apartments. Squire mentions that in a

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*Tiegel, Corresjtondenzblatt far Sehweizer AertMCf 1871, S. 1275; Klebs, Arehiv fur ezp,

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To Confer with the Pharmacists.— Delegates to cor-

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large, smooth-walled and peripherally located cavities. The gur^ing iW

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Ludvig Hektoen, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D., Professor of Pathology.

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and the position and nature of certain marks of violence found on the child 8

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Stephen Crosby Martin, M.D., M.M.S.S., died in Brook-

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31 •Diseases of the Gum Borders and Sockets of the Teeth. C. M.

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at no distant day demand and receive that respect from

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given me to examine, presented the microscopical char-

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mixed with the antitoxin. Miller^ showed in guinea-pigs in which gradual

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color striped with orange red. These are followed by a cone-

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with deliberation and conceal it with skill, and yet be only a madman, tak-

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The general symptoms are those which accompany all severe acute

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I have been interested for the past two years in pushing this

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tion is in the lacuna magna, but in numerous instances

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in one of the lobes of the liver) of a .Roman cardinal,

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rather to be reflective commentaries, than partake only of the

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has observed and afterwards confirmed by post-mortem examination,

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Boston to listen, some months ago, to a fresh and vig-

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kept up, in part at least, by nervous prostration due

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been under his care, carbolic acid had been used to no

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cases during December, 1917, is synchronous in this chart, but on

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the artery I held for some time, in case of a return of the

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of stomach and attached peritoneum leaves a long sinuous tract from

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sult, put still further strain on the pituitary. The

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tion in the hands of others, and I have not observed from its use the great

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ameter, and forms an exterior rim of "about one third of an inch around tfaesnperiar part of the stock,

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ticular notice, that no perfon with an old ulcer in the leg has ever