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(psychical anaesthesia), or both mental acts and perceptions cause intense

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tractures which occur in their antagonists produce in some patients ex-

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amount of the hemorrhage. According to Murchison, perforation occurs

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quickly follows the incipient pain, and is likely to continue throughout

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dilatation is pronounced an elastic abdominal bandage is often serviceable.

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reappearance is from twelve to thirty-six days after the first attack.

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brown color, somewhat translucent. Nothing abnormal is found in the

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as well as upon general causes. If gravity determines the position of the

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1018 to 1055, and contains a larger quantity of albumin. There is no for-

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sule, which can be determined by appropriate staining.

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and if they be found swollen and inflamed should be lanced. Further,

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TREATMENT. In the acute gouty paroxysm, large doses of the sali-

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theria, in phthisis, and in other acute and chronic disorders, streptococci

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DIAGNOSIS. The diagnosis is based upon the history of gradually

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fications in the secretion of urine already mentioned in the symptoma-

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senting an infection of the semen or ovum, while in congenital syphilis

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in combination with the diphtheria bacillus. Especial importance is to

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should be felt in using opiates in small quantities, care should be exer-

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and this may act as one factor in the causation of the fatty degeneration

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to other causes. The surgical treatment of floating kidney of late years

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acids, oxalic acid, carbolic acid, potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate,

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Enlargement of the spleen may be either acute or chronic, the former

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DEFINITION. A contagious febrile disease, characterized by mild ca-

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biliary colic, by the local application of heat, the subcutaneous injection

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the stomach is emptied of its contents, although a number of recurrences

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sweating does not come on. For those individuals in whom morphine

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enables it to infect another person. For the growth and development of

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urinary salts, sometimes as crystals (calcic oxalate), or from bacteria.

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DIAGNOSIS. The diagnosis of diphtheria ultimately depends upon

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tinctly more capable of harm ; whilst chloral, morphine, and other nar-

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two and three- tenths per cent., spinal canal one and nine-tenths per cent.

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On auscultation the evidence of obstruction to the entrance of air into

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teristic symptom of the disease is that when a group of muscles which

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delirium, convulsions, and coma, immediately precedes death.

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the patient should be taken out of the bath. In feeble cases it may be