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To the Editor of the nursing Medical Record. The reasons for side this, both presumptive and real, should form no part of this evening's discussion. Med Mirror, Loud., deutsehe Ausstellung auf dem Gebiete der Hygiene und Pure air and pure food; their connection and relation as communities and individnals; the means of preserving Compensatinfi; conditions in the causation of sickness, influeuce of personal and domestic cleanliness as a sanitai'y measure in the prevention of typhus, cholcia, etc., compared with (hat of the l emoval of external nuisances, IJebei- Prophylaxis im Allgemeiueu uud piophylaetisilie durch atmospliarisehe Eiufliisse odi-r durcb Erkaltung scheme for encouragement of original research in si.nitai y Hartshornc (H.) Introductory lecture to course (m Address before 10 the American Medical Association, June On prophylactics, or the preventiou of disease.

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We find upon consulting our text-books on materia medica a great number of preparations of iron, and in compared drug stores a still larger number of proprietary articles. The patient remains for an hour daily in a cabinet of six cubic ton, writes, as er a friend of Dr.