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length of rubber drainage tube stretched longitudinally on a long

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phoid fever, the insect-borne diseases, such as malaria, yellow

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of the back. Coordination tests are poorly executed. She complains

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of the amazing power of Radium rays and of X rays, indeed of the

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practice of medicine. The book is plainly and forcibly written in

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Linda B. Lange and Peyton Ptous. On the greater susceptibility of

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was the dogma of Da Vinci, and this is the rugged philosophy that

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This department is not yet organized upon the full University basis.

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places, and should be treated to a bountiful supply of crude petro-

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There was a marked bulging of the posterior part of the lower

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M. G., 370; a case of cerebellar tumor. Hunt, J. R., 370; a case of cere-

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and after splenectomy in congenital hemolytic icterus. — Ar-

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opened in such a manner that its convexity rests upon the lower

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William W. Ford, M. D., Lecturer in Legal Medicine.

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» Ho desire to take up or continue research work may be excused from the afternoon exercises of the

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finally, the therapeutic results obtained. Full details are also

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Dr. Donald S. Hepburn, of the 1912 graduating class of B. U. S. M., has

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merly Professor of Physiology in the Memphis Hospital Medical

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313; cholelithiasis, choledochotomy, complete relief, 313; prolapse of the

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Medical College. Part II. Orthopedic Surgery. Edited by

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of wide reputation, who from time to time had visited the hospital.

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tin. The funeral was from the home of ex- Senator Walter Tips,

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lence preceding and following the sleeping state and the memory

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Subx Humpheey Haggabt. Fargo, N. D. 1012 N. Broadway.

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A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1911 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1915 ;

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It is nontoxic, not cumulative, and patients do not have to be

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Guibord, Alberta S., M.D., joint author. The Selection of Stimulus

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saying, therefore, that a goodly number of text-books, short but