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3 Journal of Infectious Diseases, Chicago, 1905, ii, 189. »

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the operation ; and, having obtained their consent to its performance, we

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liar (9), Dandrien (10), Chmiliewsky (11), Gaillard (12),

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sence is decisive of the question, except iti the case already

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examining physicians sign just above the following :

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At the outbreak of the epidemic all these children over seven years were

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University, to which he recently gave a donation of $15,000 for the purpose of estab-

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Leonard Weber, of this city, writes under date of Novem-

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Heitzman^ describes a pyosepticjemic exanthem simulating vari-

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'HtKATMEirr. — ^The treatment of consumption has made great ad-

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rule, cough, dyspnoea and pain in the side ; more rarely

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bacteriological examination to be true paratyphoid,

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of perforation, particularly of perforation of the stomach by an ulcer,

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families. It is, therefore, primarily, an investigation limited to a

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nor wholesome ; the reason is, that they confine the insensible

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One was a streptococcus, one a bacillus resembling B. coli, and the

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the colon, the topical application of remedies by means

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Women and Children, in the University of Pennsylvania, pp. 469,

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child very restless. Her breathing was rapid and noisy, from

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pressure on contiguous bloodvessels and nerve trunks. The skin

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primigravida comes to an obstetrical clinic for her initial

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The first is my meeting with our governor, John Rowland. The second is my attendance at

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erinary and Medical Students and Practitioners. By Robert Meade

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Businessmen claim to practise it with the click of machinery,

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those who have suffered from the gastro-intestinal form

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and more decided means of stimulating the lymphatic apparatus, the

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this circumstance, called smelling the sense of the imagination.

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many places collected together to form "clumps." There already are

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effect on secretion, as in Bickel's work on dogs with Pawlow

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speak of. So far as the lung went, the symptoms were reduced to

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