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148 Maxwell: Sequel to Cystic Degeneration of Chorion

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ing day. Thus is formed a more or less regular step-like line of descent. To

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He was married in New York City, April 28, 1896, to Mrs.

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Put the coffee into a stewpan with the milk; add the yolks,

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After this dressing was applied, the patient was wrapped in cotton.

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one of the rarest of conditions, must be remembered.

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Samuel Annan, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine.

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adapt itself to any treatment except hospital treatment, the objec-

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the catheter, or the air pump used was one of enormous power, or

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beard grows on the left side of the face, and the entire atrophy

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Aulopsy. — The variolous eruption is found, not only on the skin, the

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plication in about four hundred cases, or three per hundred.

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6 died, = 1 : 25-G ; and in 1858, of 157, 15 = 1 : 10-5 ; the mor-

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made between the opposite sides of the body in the individual whose case is

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excess in the use of alcohol greatly interferes with the vitality

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the affected muscles is more or less diminished, and this impairment of

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body for minute traces of the disease. One of the most per-

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