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From one-twelfth to one-sixth of a grain dissolved in a drachm of dis-

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Eiver, which in the beginning of the present century was so slightly

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centres of organic Kfe, to be followed by mnstard plasters, or a large

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Dilatation of the heart is the result of weakness of the cardiac muscle.

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thrust violently forward and the other one being jerked up to it, so that

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muscles. The first external interosseous is said to be the first to feel

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very grave j but under the free use of tonics, high feeding, and alcohol

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trated form and large amount, immediate fatal collapse without pro-

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absent, the chest is retracted ; if it is present in sufficient quantity, the

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train, a rush to a trolley-car, may end in sudden death. Very dangerous

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Echinococcus of the Liver. When hydatids of the liver are of a size

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blood to appear in clots, which may protrude several inches from the

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especially in the stomach, in the large intestine (caecum, sigmoid flexure,

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scribes two : in one the atrophy commences in the ulnar nerve distribu-

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cough and of expectoration and slight displacement of the heart are in

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whom I was treating for phlyctenular conjunctivitis, to the Philadel-

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develop. There is no pathognomonic post-mortem lesion, unless it be

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In the advanced stages of chronic bronchitis there is almost always

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small face. Great muscular weakness, imperfect intellection, nystagmus,

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white kidney, and is due to the shrinkage of the fibrous tissue and the

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of the haemoglobin into pigment, reddish-brown hasmatoidin. If the

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bougie should always be employed, finished at the end with an olive-

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pale, the tissues flabby, and the intelligence dull. Intercurrent inflam-

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diminished to the extent of my last course of lectures. The field of

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to the lower dorsal and lumbar nerves. Most important as an early

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monia is the result of an independent infection. The occasional occur-

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mal and the gros rnal, or major attack, every grade of paroxysm occurs.

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rice-water appearance, the more speedy is the descent to the last and

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greenish-yellow tint has already been indicated, and flushing of the cheeks

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tuberculosis may be confounded with leprosy, but the rnacules of syphilis

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number of hospitals in St. Petersburg had pneumonia. In those regions

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area. Usually from this time the inflammation begins to subside ; by the

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Fourth. — All diseases of this class pass through these stages, in

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accordance with the seat of the artery which is affected. Whole tracts

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shown by the blocking of the ophthalmic vein and the consequent ex-