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only in this series, but also in series 67 and 68, and found no
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imperceptibly, and has slowly made a certain amount of progress before
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on their surface or at their extremities ; and if the blood, as it is
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Of the diseases affecting the nervous system, the greater part relate to
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mony in the first period is chiefly owing to its use as an emetic,
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than towards the centre of these circles, was of opinion that
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this nerve contains, and the sensibilit}^ communicated by its sensitive fila-
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When the disease passes to the second stage, and presents the grave S3'mp-
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patient being excited, or the patient may not deem it a sjnnptom of im-
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a pronounced chill, languor, lassitude, and general malaise. These symp-
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portion of the penis! Here it receives an extremely meagre
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wrote without more difficulty than would be expected from using the left
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2 For a series of articles by Dr. TTenri TJoircr, Pli.ysician of the Children's Hospi-
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gives pieces of the nerve for study. To a certain extent, this
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Electro-therapeutics by Alfred C. Garratt ; Practical Treatise on the Medical and
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loss of substance in the posterior portion of the penis, the skin
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the manmials is very imperfctly known and its relations are
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named. The immediate and remote effects of paralysis of this nerve are
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VII Jahresvers. d. Ges. Deutscher NervenSrzte in Breslau, Sept., 1913.
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to say that croup is liable to occur as an intercurrent affection in certain
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hardly censurable for not being able to decide whether there be simply
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years, affected with complete hemiplegia and general dropsy. The urine
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The prophylaxis of hydatids, in the liver and elsewhere, is to be based
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Pituitrin (Parke, Davis & Co., surgical) showed scarcely any
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arsenic was given for some time, and it seemed to be of service ; but, in
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single volume the whole science and art of Obstetrics
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cloth-bound nublieations. which are generally so wretch-
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