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Liverpool ; Brighton and Sussex Medico-Chirurgioal Society, Honorary
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of " Things one would rather have expressed otherwise":
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Demy Svo, 28 plates, os.)— A study of these professedly rough
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ration did not accelerate the fatal issue. In the sixth the
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room, and therefore cleaned by the servants. It is the inven-
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A cricket match between past and present students of Guy's
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charge of ''s. is made to those who take no wine. It is hoped the dinner
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Dr. J. R. Wolfe, who has been practising in Melbourne for
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cou^h and summer diarrhu-a were also rather fatal. The number of
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tendent of the Maine (U. S.) Insane Hospital, aged 72 ; Dr.
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obsolete art. Students should be more fully instructed in
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— Lee, Queen's College, Belfast ;— Lyle, Queen's College, Belfast;
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liquid by the mouth. Professor Philipson, Mr. Mobison,
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Dublin- T. 1). Luke, Queens College, Belfast; J. H. MBurney,
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rooms abut upon an external wall, and an efficient means
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tion has been oflTered save the sheltered position of the place. It would
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doses give the most satisfactory results, but on looking over
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in the kinr;dom. Should it be suggested that such selection
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is appoiuted, as a teriipjraiy measure, to be Civil Surgeon of Thayetmyo,
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admit the forefinger. The adhesion between stomach and
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school on December Mth. when a railway collision occuiTed, and he was
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time. The symptoms from which he died were a gradually-
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Journal the question of the character of hospital out-patient
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Brjanak, Woronesh, Kasan, Kieff, Lipezk, and Tschernigoif
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and was born on February 21st, 1822. He became an appren-
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geon to the Cam'iridge. April astli ; Geoegb R. D. Chahi.ton, Stafl'-Surgeon
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ing law. The law appeared to him to be unreasonable, un-
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year. Within the last two years the works had been visited by the in-
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of the facsimile is printed wit)i the headings or rubrics in red
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hospital that the man died from the disease for which he was
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by the rhythmical traction of the superior laryngeal nerve.
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clot, no trace of the embryo could be found, but neverthe-
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at the request of the Vaccination Commissioners. They had
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bisoprolol side effects weight gain
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the Society of Biology of Paris, to which I communicated
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GENERiL HOSPITAL, Nottingham.— Assistant House-Surgeon. Ap-
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adopting liis view that they are parasites which have wan-
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" (9) add some sweet oil which comes from the mountain (and) miK
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On the motion of Dr. Heron Watson, the following nomi-
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students of Guy's Hospital which the opening of the ground
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autumn of 1-91. No further illne?s occurred until the end of June. \&'^2,
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rator or similar instrument is to be strongly discouraged. In-
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arising from the presence of a distinguished clinician
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