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in which acetate of lead given thus had succeeded in afibrding relief, and in the
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proportion of the male population " suffers from it ; " the complaint is
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tion of ozone. The moment that the oxygen is set free
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Among those holding office was Dr. Miner C. Hazen, a Vice-
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and innoxious. The skin is not only, as Bichat eloquently observes, a
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adopted her in his youth, being led by a kindly destiny to her
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vised by Hannah Oliver, A. M., Assistant Professor of Latin,
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The Milk-Supply of Cities: Can it be Improved? The Re-
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salary. His Honor ruled that the city should pay Dr. Roberts $5,000
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gelatin jelly may be substituted. Barley-water may be added to
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and established neighbor, and that his place is hereafter to be supplied by
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the "all or nothing" principle in the latter. (From Practical Physiology.)
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sensation was unimpaired. On the following day there
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Pole Creek, June 2, 1894 (No. 82); Wallace Creek, July 29,
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Sir : In compliance with your instructions, I have the honor to
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only the rectum is involved there is left but two operations to be con-
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Nephritis. In 30,042 collected cases, acute nephritis occurred in 367
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the intima held by forceps ; the adventitia stripped back from one-
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This "march" of the convulsion depends upon the overflow of the stimu-
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ejaculatory volume. Use cautiously in young boys to