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so coarse as Dr. Buckingham's remarks on our paper on Entozoa. A
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You at once perceive the extreme importance of this case ; it bears
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came a courteous invitation to viait the Institute of Technology, at
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state arises from a decrease — a gradual cessation of the vital powers,
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fmall Tares, or Seeds of Mandrakes, and of the fame
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As an old resident of Boston, I was gratified at the hospitable re-
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in 1831, but for ten 3^ears struggled with discouragement and debt.
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especially in cliildren, for the delirium ushering in hydrocephalus. I
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nessed for many months, and which would have probably terminated
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agree that one of its most remarkable features was, the general good
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ter : cohobate and diftil again, fo will the Spirit
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tially as a tampon. When compared with the other modes of plug-
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isms. It is necessary to investigate, and I present
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where the flow was profuse and of dark color, the pains sharp and
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" carefully sealed from impertinent curiosity," like those contraband
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which has brought Your Majefty to the Throne of the
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acetate of lead, combined with a grain of opium, was divided into
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scruple of laudanum; one table-spoonful every second hour. 12th.
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otorrhcea existed without any cerebral disturbance. But as the disease
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The President delivered the Annual Address. Subject ; " What is
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through the press. If the Secretary is willing to do this work, the
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sician to Bellevue Hospital^ and to Emergency Lying-in
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allured, to enter thereinto,, of their own accords. ’
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forty years ago, when Gram's rooms gathered in daily conclave all
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The enterprising publisher of Solberg Wells has here given us
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and left in digefl ion for an hour or two , that the whole
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I regret to say, is too often done even in cases where the surface of the small intestine
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Homoeopathic Materia Medica (for March) ; Philadelphia. The Homoeopathic
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the description of enlargement and disease of the spleen given by
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above in several cases of dysentery since those epidemics, with
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Medford, is waiting to be properly catalogued. A book for this pur-
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little rejiccant or drying : For as Difcu (fives rare-
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fuls in a Glafs of White Port Wine, it caules fpeedy
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think of Aconite, when we have high, inflammatory fever, full, quick
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of a gnat ; and, on looking in the glass, he suddenly perceives a tumour
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then diminished, and the maculse constituted a prominent feature in his
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representative of ' modern medicine.' * And as to the use of medi-
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arytenoids, even in cases where typhus and syphilis can be left
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Alai urn infanum , PI. Alai a inf am ; in Englijh , Mad
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In this way the patient's sufferings went on every day increasing, and
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violent delirium, accompanied by flushing of the face, suffusion of the
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observations on — Petechial fever not epidemic in Ireland p . 1 00