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was to have been read in the Medical Section yesterday, but
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in ophthalmiatry.] Vestnik oftalmol., Kiev, 1887, iv, 473-
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the vitreous humor, giving rise to blindness and other de-
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gastric juice will dissolve the connective tissue with which the sac is tied and liberate
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44 Tubgk: " Immediate and Remote Causes of Death in Operations on the Stomach
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in haemorrhage, and in acute rheumatism, its powers have been
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d-a). [Gr. ifippvov foetus + e>xetv to draw. ] The
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dwelling, and that the poorer the inhabitants of a street so
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fall of temperature (down to 37 C. or less). When the disease
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The reporter of the case of gunshot wound of the brain on page 564 of the
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Caldwell suggested. When we have a generator that gives a
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carotidssimultaneouslyjff the human frame cannot sustain so great
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medical service facilities must be constructed, supplied,
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Dr. Sims arrived at Clermont at two o'clock in the morning
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necessitates a consideration of the localising symptoms already discussed ;
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report to Comdg. General. Dept. of the East, for as-
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all or many cases of congenital syphilis the value of the reaction
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nitrate. From the history of the cases he concludes that thyroid gland on the
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the contents of the stomach in a rapid and safe way without any