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give two examples. (8) What is meant by the " Socratic dia-
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menon is never met with in a peripheral lesion, the rule there being
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the treatment was about forty-eiglit dayn. Tlie initial
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metrically or by indicators that change tint at about P H 7. The most
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semium and cimicifuga answer the purpose with me in more
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four years, with the following members appointed by His Excel-
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concerned with the earlier stages of syphiUs, since the tertiary affect the Army
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Grimshaw, Dr., on the influence of digitalis on the weak heart of typhus ferer 59
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when remembered at all, and are not regarded as realities after the effects-
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high moral values and incorporates them in her personal and
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etc., as before. Keep the patient in bed two weeks or
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especially the case when a free communication exists between the abscess
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mum of four months " study leave " immediately after each subse-
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text, many are not at all good, and compare very disadvantageously
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the intestine in digestion. We know that whenever fatty substan-
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Case 1. — (Not imder care of writer.) Female, age 23. Left otorrhoea many
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•describes it as " One of the finest buildings, for such a purpose, to be
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powers, cannot be afforded to our practitioners at a much lower price.
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success. It is published at Saline, Michigan, and is
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Senator Brookley, himself a Pharmacist by profession, has been afforded ample
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movable kidney and spleen, hydatid of pancreas, etc., have been
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Hypertrophied tissue on the lower posterior aspect of
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attain maturity. It was not unreasonable to suppose, from all the known facts
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ant proof. Why it should be so, I do not know ; sometimes it appears to be
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curately in contact, or, if connecting tubes of some foreign material
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In prepared cereal foods the starch grains have been crushed
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three days' ferer ; bouquet (corrupted bucket), on account of the eruption ;
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and on forcibly emptying the pustule its walls collapse.
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July 4. There has been steady and uninterrupted improvement in
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is also prevented. No unclothed animal in winter can
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of disease. This influence must not, in the production
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and persisting five days with change of color. Weil,^® in his intra-
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The patient was an anaemic maid-servant who had been admitted into
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absorption of the fluid or death shall ensne. By stopping active
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perhaps deprived of certain of its faculties ; or it may be that it pos-
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oil and water, but who may be induced to unite by adding a little gold dust,
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fired at by rifles. The same result ensued as in Pare's day ; for
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is identical with Smith's " proto-catechuic acid," Eb-
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seven counts, each one the link of a perfect chain,
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prise at her new surroundings than an absolute lack
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cates opening psoas abscess by a posterior incision. His mode
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sembled. That whenever any person shall trespass upon
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the bladder taking on the same action as the urethra, or as the