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' 'Traite elementaire de Pathologie externe,' tome iv, fascicule 3, p. 645.
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epidemic, by Mr Netten Eadcliffe, appeared in a supplement to Mr Simon's
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min, trace; casts few. Slight edema of ankles. Blood-pressure from 82 to 130.
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and at some distance from other nerves. The motor point of a muscle
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locality, yet it will almost certainly spread over a larger portion of the
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offered the only reasonable hope of relief from a serious con-
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often produces decidedly beneficial results and Leonard quotes
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four miles [with the partial assistance of Lapham] in a buggy
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pathologists were then mentioned, notably those of Mr,
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As most of our readers are aware, from perusal of the
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complete dilatation after the introduction of the bag
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(of doctors) " was greater than the demand," a compromise of matters
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cavity of the tunica vaginalis communicates of being smooth and uniform like a hernia,
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I regard dengue, then, as an eruptive arthritic fever; exanthematous
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sometimes lessen it. Indian hernp, belladonna, and Calabar bean have
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To become better acquainted with these service facilities pro-
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the tropics in Europeans as well as natives. There is np doubt,
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disorders are the maladies especially prone thus to localize themselves
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Db. Matthew D. Mann, of Buffalo, first discusses the rela-
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and sanitary science which only a Government can fur-
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mammals and birds, but also among the cold-blooded ‘ ‘lower’ ’
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some small twigs from several other contiguous arteries. The
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during pregnancy, and that in this condition these foods gave rise to toxaemia
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disorder of the digestive organs, headache, malaise, etc., and which seem
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Elastic Knee Cap, Ankle Bandages, and Abdominal Belts,
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part of England, Wales, or Scotland. One case of cattle
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between these limits, will express the total energy radiated. As the