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of the eye are ascertained by noting the tilt, one way
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where (6) that the hydrochloric acid of the stomach
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throughout the civilized world forced us to the con-
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of surprise to some that so long a list of tropical
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.A.cute pelvic peritonitis 59 cases, .with no death.
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8. Ascaridiasis and Its Successful Treatment with Oleum
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cupation should be considered a menace to society. Be
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no clinical evidence that the pituitary body has therapeutic value ; but
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•» Berlin, klin. Wocheuschrift, 1873, No. 24, p. 347.
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Case II. — P. D., aged twenty-five years, was received in the accident-
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iioiirs, especially after rest. Expectoration usually small in amount
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to the one ear. This is also true in the determina-
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age periosteal hyperplasy begins immediately if the
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the discussion is to introduce the matter as a whole,
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costive throughout the illness. On the fifth day of her illness a solu-
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cases. This is the "fever of absorption," and may lead to weeks of
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The use of vaccines was indicated especially in the
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*.^nnual address given before the Association of ex-House Officers
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Case I. was that of a multipara who had lost a child in difficult labor, and
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The gro^vth of knowledge has already so determined the necessities of
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became the seat of a scarlatinoid dermatitis. As this began to decline the
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muscle is immovable, its centre of insertion is very
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alkaline fluid. Heat and nitric acid cause a large yellow precipitate.
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though less marked, those found with the dried blood), if' the serum is
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infection, and her excretion fairly well performed. Symphysiotomy was
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trust, self poise, self peace, self respect. Rabelais
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Qedical instructor, to ascertain for himself whether these things are so;
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vision as recorded in Fig. 4. This will in all proliability
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as possible. In these cases of suppurative appendicitis the attempt to ligate
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To reduce the bacterial growth one or two large hot
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Among young adults it is also usually possible to trace the anjemic
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treme violence of its language, not a little pruned
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disturbances the author speaks of obesity, gout, and
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ment would be impossible to carry out. Iron may there be prescribed
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to Ludwig's angina, which developed after all peri-
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leg ulcer, and about two weeks after the operation the patient died.
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are not degenerated, should give rise to a suspicion
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sufficiently skilled in that branch or subject to just-
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tending surgeon, San Francisco, California, and upon
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many of which were filled with a gray mucoid appearing
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called into action in inflammation, such as those manifested in the attrac-
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school, through its secretary, Dr. C. J. Marshall. The
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officers were elected: President, Dr. J. C. Guernsey, oi
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afflicted with tuberculosis, as well as the consump-
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escaping. The smaller the proportion of escape, the