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ilii> apparently iiiuissailalile evidence is to the cITict that, althoU!.'h em-

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""'"■■'""- ''itMin .•,Mdli,.ll:n I, li/„ii.,n.i ; ,,li„^ ,„ Hnr,-ii.v . . . s7i

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head began to enlarge after the first year and the child walked at three years.

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of the kidney may be followed by haematuria, albuminuria, and cylindruria,

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stiiiiiihitiim tile \a"iis I'xcrts its iliiort iiilliifiu-f milv on the aiiiiclc. Ii

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Itfovfii," Hut it in likflv llmt tin- ii.ii.ji.iity of tlic jmv uoiiltl \..i.

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sure ill the <|uiesceiit thorax, and rl'' the cause of the iiicroasc of l!

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is essentially chronic, a duration of ten, twenty, or more years being not

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substances, either of bacterial origin or otherwise, are due to the irritating

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...vory A hors d'onirrr is nothing more than a physioiogie stimulant

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of regarding the disease as rheumatism," after which almost everything

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tion of ar-rays, that one phalanx was absent. The great toes are, generally,

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All the malignant tumors of the adrenal are remarkable for their high

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cancer is a primary disease of a peculiar nature, and

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cian's advice in instances of this sort will occasionally undoubtedly do good

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particles, and they lieeome sliie<;ish as the vis<'osity of the solution in-

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The remainder of the kidney is seldom normal. Frequently, and especially

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and some emaciation may be met with; blood is usually present in the urine,

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and sisters. He ascribes this retardation in growth from birth to an intra-

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suit whieli llaldane states he has secured. In one experiment, for ex-

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plain salisfactoiilx . It may lie the limitation in the iiioveiiieiifs of tli''

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time, while in the case of involvement of both kidneys regenerative changes

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The Organization of a Medical Department.— The medical depart-

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at least one of these two organs, especially the spleen — are enlarged and hard,

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The tonic condition of the sphinctei' is controlled by the vas;us nerve,

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A question on which there is much diversity of belief and of practice is

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The cases belonging to the third group (convulsive tic type) are easily

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stitucnts of till' i)lasnia iiia\ In- fulliiwul tliiouu'li llic kiiliicy. Tlu- iilii

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includes the rest and improved nutrition so valuable in nearly all chronic

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of contradiction, that no such instance was afford-

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IMvssniv. f,,r it has l„.en f,iiin,| in animals that, wh.'ii the art, .rial hi I

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under careful precautions, contains no bacteria, and in 88 observations on

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common occurrence. Adami is of the opinion that carcinoma arising from

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kidney. For this reason a inief snrvey of the stnn'ture of the different

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Anatomy. — Before entering into the pathological relations of the para-

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.jerted cither from the thoiaeie duel or from the skin, sliovviiiir (dearly

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periosteum invading the epiphyseal cartilage. The amount of the invading

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lihilJil Mi'lllnili/illicili III' lliiisr in ^iilutinn lilllN lir iili(;iil|ri| I'iiiily iicrii

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nor could tubercle bacilli be demonstrated. In two instances inoculation

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writers are inclined to restrict the term Hodgkin's disease to this particular

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tiiiH' at'lt }• tln' i'IhI ot" \iv tt'l'rat'tniy period at which it is ai)pli«Ml. If

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I'iiijilly, it >lii>iil<l lie iitiniicil tliiit tlic |)iiiici|)lcs of sciiini diimiiiisis