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human and cows' milk are pointed out, and conclusions drawn
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last before us, in tangible form, convincing evidence that the
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hereditary syphilis of the bones, and Barlow's disease may also give rise to
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have recourse to watery or nutrient enemata, or to sub-
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ing and douching, skm-friction, massage, and electricity; good
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that the amount of phosphoric acid excreted is diminished. With regard to
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becoming congenital. 3. Prognosis, from an operative point
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" 4. Purulent otitis of the middle ear is also frequently met
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without causing it to flicker. On the contrary, when de-
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In an article upon "Gelsemium," published by me in the pages
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cal ; New York Dermatological ; and Alumni of Bellevue
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and give an injection of hot water before I arrived.
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claims, with every appearance of justice, that the inebriate may
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rhage into the mucous membrane of the air-passages to give rise to a slight
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Having obtained this desired knowledge, he presented
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its former visitations to this country, it might be profitable to
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ihcn took a special course in languages. School -leaching
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salts and excrementitious matters which it holds in solution,
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to practise his habit but twice. He shows less signs of excite-
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1914. — 4 ' The Treatment of Accidental Wounds of the Dura during Operations
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cannot comply with), and the physician from frequent examina-
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was elected Chairman of the Section of Obstetrics and
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Prof, Betts has held the position of Gynecologist to the
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serous membranes (pleurisy, pericarditis, etc.) is fully as characteristic of all
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of the disease. It deprives people of their ordinary judgment,
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appears larger than the aperture of entry, but in reality it
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falo General hospitals — later serving as personal assistant to the late