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in nitric acid. Like the chlorates and bromates, its compounds
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'74, and was graduated with honors. He served in the House
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lular functions or from absorption of the products of normal or
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however, there was a tubercular ulceration of the stomach,
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on what can be done with the intelligent and judicious use
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throufl:h the periosteum. If the disease is primary, and necrosis (death of
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animals, I must refer the reader to a pamphlet by Dr. Sonnenkalb of Leipsic,
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Expert testimony. Physician & Surg., Detroit & Ann
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naval and military academies. Boston M. & S. J.,
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this not in one of the democratical States of the New World,
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ceased. In the blood crescent forms only were found.
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vox cliolerica ; there was uneasiness, increased by pressure in the region of the
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This is usually imulated by strongly aerating a solu-
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The foregoing is taken, word for word, from the Cincinnati Daily
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but inclines rather to allow to each kind its own ad-
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surface it extends its body in a straight line instead of humping
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and shoulders is to be borne in mind. These may be prevented by chang-
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the progress of the disorder, prevented practitioners
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human beings, but they find that with it guinea pigs can be cured of
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(1895), 1890, 201-208.— Otiisio (L.) Del metodo Obalinski-
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One case was that of a distinct quotidian ague of the arm,
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The epithelial structures when present are of varying types. They may
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The Chairman — Perhaps the matter might be met by Dr. Williams modifying his motion
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farmer, on acconn<l of an ulcer upon the dorsal -in ;
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of the present century. I have read perhaps a dozen accounts of it as it
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exposure to cold, but this was questionable, as the symptoms were consequent on ao
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determined to discard it altogether and in favor of re-
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It was very fatal in the later middle ages, and an epidemic has been
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one application to the open wound of the tongue at the
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intensely from this pain, being unable to sleep. His health is also