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gie for July, 1886, several cases of indolent varicose
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to assist the body in its struggle to destroy or arrest
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graphs on this subject, to require further mention here,
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and the man who died in Elliot street, besides living
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sided pleural effusion the liver is undoubtedly depressed we
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Fields are also infected by the use of waste products from tanneries
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ing a few days only, after which her convalescence was
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from both uteri. Later she became pregnant in the right uterus,
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sons (Les) ven6neux. Iud6pend. nied., Par., 1900, vi,
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and Correction purpose opening a School for ^Nurses, at Char-
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the third week the abscess cavity may be found circumscribed, but that a
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was a very important question, whether the eye should be
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before seen the papillomatous growth extend into the cavity of the ven-
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unique experience that led him to state that there are no
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a live coal in the ashes of other days. It is not brought forward
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problem will ultimately be solved. When this is an accomplished
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and it is advisable to carry insurance, as the steamship company does
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lized silk are tied. In this manner surfaces of peritoneal tissue about one-fifth
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very hard for ten or fifteen minutes. Line your pans with two
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and his requests rejected by his own sovereign, when the present
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the complications might be due to the medication. Might
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()3 per cent.; polyiuiclears, 10 per cent. Trine, highly colored,
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myself, — these napkins are employed regularly, and in some
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Essentially the same method was used by Joseph in his investigations of the
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ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS : Each candidate for admission must present his Medical Student's Certificate from the Ex-
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tem of education generally pursued in the Dominion of
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lishment and that arrangements will be made, as has been done in