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I have now Cows in euch a state as to enable me to supply pure
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When a series of insertions of the same advertisement is ordered
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sixty years of age, and of feeble constitution, was
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surgeon of Guy's Hospital, stated that, about' seven
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sical enlargement of Graafian follicles. Rokitansky
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and the verdict of a scientific hiunanity. Last week,
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of the Swansea Infirmary, in the room of T. D. Griffiths, M.B.
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Attfield, Dr. J., solution of perchloride of iron, 538
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that I should draw up a scheme for the conduct of the proposed
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less frequent than pleurisy. But hemorrhagic pericarditis from
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give rise to a crop of representatives whose iirecise
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these diseases result from an excess of blood (or, as
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its infancy, and it is perhaps a question as to whether
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Btated that, for a month previous to admission, she
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to; and when we avail oiu-selves of them, expecting
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convenience and injury has, as I have said, happily
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fever. In Gurdon Buck's first case, the patient lived
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regarded by the sanitary authorities, and allowed to
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men to hold their position at mess according to re-
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septic form are infected and produce metastatic abscesses. The
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Lion reported the finding in one case of a bacillus much like the
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tions which are not returned to their authors, are retained for
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had not felt it beneath himself to listen to the words of
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Eindfleisch compared it to a suppurating wound. Perforations may
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highly nutritive is proved by its chemical composi-
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tificate involving, though it does, the personal liberty
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quency and force. When at last they stop altogether the heart is
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The evidence furnished by auscultation is of great value, though
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Congenital contraction of the aortic system is usually attended by
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just lai'ge enough to admit the finger at the upper
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free on receipt of the price in stamps, by BARR and CO., Sole
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as in the subclavicular region. The fluid discharged by aspiration is
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of a doctor, now himself gone home ; it was related
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The final fatal failure follows immediately upon some unusual exer-
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metres, whilst those of La Pitie have from 25 to 49
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■on the organs of sense is analogous to that on the
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the tissues and the size of the vessels. But sometimes this propor-
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Materia Medica in St. Bartholomew's CoUetre. London Editor of