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pens, the intercurrence of an infectious febrile disease temporarily

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j)erspiration acid, not very abundant; jndse 100, temperature 101.5°.

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on the constitution of our bodies in health and dis-

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valuable treatment. If relief does not ensue it is customary to make

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Tinea. XVIII. — Favus. XIX. — Freckles or Lentigo.

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uncertainty. The first may be thought to be suft'ering from paralysis

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increase in size exert pressure upon the intervening bqne and so bring

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larger portion of the heart adjoins the thoracic wall, the impulse is

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4. Hereditary Transmission.— ISlanj diseases are said to run in

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(Quain) . It follows from this that the left ventricle acts with three

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effect may be mentioned naphthalene, salol, creosote, thallin, and, to a

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tormented at intervals by " sick headaches," bilious attacks, etc., until

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the body cold and bathed with a damp perspiration ; the fingers and

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appropriate line of domestic treatment can be suggested.

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to disturbance from the presence of lactic acid. As a consequence of

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next one after that death releases the sufferer from his deplorable

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vaseline : twenty grains of acid to an ounce of vaseline should be

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of renal disease in which albununuria occurs, and this increase proves to

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by a network of small blood vessels which make it appear red

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line which has been poured upon the palm of the hand, then rub it

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89 and 265. A Treatise on Rheumatism and Rheumatoid ^irthritis, 1890.

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arthritic atrophy of the muscles of the shoulder must be distinguished

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instruction. This was declared to be the " aim of the

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does it become latent without the manifestation of one or more of

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About the time that bleeding went out of fashion, new views began

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A blue line along the gums indicates lead poisoning. An exces-

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with warm water, then put on a loose slip and see that the diapers

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gives rise there to the same increased metabolism which would result

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mercury may be given in doses of one-eighth of a grain in pill form,

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bidden only in exceptional cases where there are frequently recurring

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