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tion of minute acuminated papules accompanied by severe

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The concluding testimony was given by Drs. Burnham, of

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cing at the upper and inner angle of the patella and passing horizontally

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24 hours, produce quotidian (daily) fever ; those which exist for 48

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The Medical Society of New Jersey. — The one hundred and twenty-

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meeting having been read by the Recording Secretary, Dr. Homans, the

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Glare makes seeing difficult and is injurious to the eyes. Walls

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ventricular in type. The systolic blood-pressure was 125 and the

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fever (lymphatic infiltration, thrombosis, miliary abscesses, and ulcers)

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treatment, therefore, need not be repeated, until the discharge of firagmenta

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annua) report of the Executive Committee, was next read as fol-

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rhoea twentr Tears before: " It was smaller than the other testicle,

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and Tiesler, the recent careful experiments of Rosenbach* failed to produce a

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and nails, and with analgesia. This disease, which was at first named

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for the benefit of 'children during the hot weather.

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And first, of the exercise of Man's Physical powers :

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calls "alkalinuria" (the commonly but falsely so-called "phosphaturia"),

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" physicien " in French is conjurer or mountebank ; a

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incorporated into private practice. Patients whose means

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region. On the other hand, I have known of numerous instances in which

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Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human