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they are warranted by the sellers to be free from tuberculosis.

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bureaus of the Government, employ chemists, and some very

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for example, pass through a long life, attending to many cases

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trin, subcutaneously given at weekly intervals. All symptoms in

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abortive treatment fails. In other words, relapses ap-

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policy is that we are not pursuing the drug war hard

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If, however, the lesions are immediately subjacent to the cortex, and

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nored or inadequately treated this subject. Pereira, Griffiths

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afflux of material destined for the formation of bile, whence the in-

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food, though most of the constant pain was probably due to

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cause of vitality appears to have been forgotten, or altogether subverted

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It is evident, therefore, from the preceding cases, that the slate \

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results until ether was used in combination, recently

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The chief changes since the last edition have been made in particular de-

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on Tuesday, July 21, 1S6S ; on Tuesday, October 20, 1868.

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recognisable by the association of certain cerebral or cerebro- spinal

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nancy in order that relative changes during gestation may be ob-

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addition a putrescent fcetus, puerperal fever in a few

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the outside instead of inside. A simple trocar is preferable.

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dulness, or maniacal excitement and irritability. Sometimes a murmur

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respond to the force of the blood which enters them. If

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simply the head and neck of the femur with a narrow saw, taking

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irritation of gallstones is surely an etiologic factor in cancer of

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treatment of eye diseases to conserve vision. The society

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Building Acts as the Health Officers desiderate : —

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e la sieroterapia contro la febbre gialla. Ann. di meil.

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which there was cloudy swelling of the muscular fibres in a

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explain the jaundice that follows mental perturbation,

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whilst denjnng syphilis, admit the risk of exposure.

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prompt. He thought these tumors should be removed as

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Dr James Ritchie asked whether the rarity of the condition

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to the Committee on Surgery. 1 move that they be so referred.

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process of development presents comparatively slight modifi-

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not been penetrated, but the piece of bone was exactly adapted to the |

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wherever the skin surfaces would come in contact. Pin a loop of

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about this time, however, the patient would generally com-

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as diffuse indurated celluhtis of tho throat. The milder

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operation. When catheterization is necessary the patient should be

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systolic murmur over them. The radial pulse is frequent and soft. In

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scratching spreads the disease from one part to another. In tropical

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laceration had not been increased in this last labor, and I

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