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tion. In young children, tracheotomy is the rule. There are two oper-

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local symptoms are not infrequently accompanied by rigors, and the tem-

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The second effect of tubercle bacilli is manifested in the marked tendency

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tion over the same route by which it got out. That this manipulation

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than in acute. The liver is uniformly enlarged and its margins are firm


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and a general debilitated state of the system are also causes.

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ways the seat of interstitial nephritis, cysts, marked atrophy, etc. The

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All these symptoms may be present when the individual has not lost more

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as sliip fever, liospital fever, jail fever, camp fever, petechial fever , putrid

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fined to the region of the second left intercostal space near the sternum.

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defective aortic development and perhaps of imperfect development of

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greenish tinge. This extravasation of blood may sometimes extend,

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associated a hard systolic murmur, originating at the seat of inflam-

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gastric symptoms. The constitutional symptoms in atonic dyspepsia are

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hot stage, has given place to great restlessness, the patient tossing from

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derangement or bony lesion which may account for the condition pres-

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lar in shape, and is attended by chills and sweats.

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applications must be employed at regular intervals, and only for a short

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ful pulsation in the region of the heart. The patient complains of weight,

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the case of children with vomiting. A sense of extreme prostration very

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entire cell. Sometimes the change is a granular one, the nuclei of the

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alveoli are approximated, touch, and, according to some, grow together.

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eurax cream to treat scabies

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changes take place, the centre of the patch contains a putty-like mass

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Splendidly IllaBtrated. By Boba Bauohan (Author of " Indications of Character

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eral acids have a wide reputation in this class of cases, acting favor-

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are only slightly affected there will be no symptoms except a slight albu-

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blood stained fungus mass. It pulsates with the brain. It usually over-

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evacuations are scanty and frequent, tormina and tenesmus are present in

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lowed. In abscess on the thumb or -little finger, as happens in whitlow,

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without any irritant or attendant fever, will be sufficient to enable one to