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virtues which probably they do not possess. On the other hand,
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forces will remain untouched. To accomplish these purposes,
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the potency question, " be homoeopathy, then I repudiate ho-
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up because its continuity has not been interrupted — than to
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fill professional engagements until the last. After completing courses
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Cutler is a descendant of ancient and honorable Colonial stock on
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clinical lecturer on infectious diseases at the College of Physicians
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1885, gives the history of a case of obstruction in which he em-
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who have died during the year. The list comprised twenty-one
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sion to do honor to a medical man, and through him to
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ratose, triferrin, hemalbumen, hematogen, sanguinal, hemol, hemogallol, and
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be safe ; neither would it lead to curative results to reduce hy-
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weekly, and with fifty beds. Beginning with one surgeon, it now
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From the year 1770 to about 1856 there is little to be found
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performed under ether, I deem it noteworthy to give my individual
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tremely strong odor of carbolic acid. About ten ounces of olive-
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Dr. Lewis Hallock, finished his preparatory studies at
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Dr. Beebe did not confine himself wholly to historical research,
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he resigned his university appointment so that he might proceed to
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verity, and were relieved by nothing but the appropriate rem-
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the bedside of my little patient, whom I found in convulsions.
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The Century for April is unusually rich in charming poet-
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cause the symptoms of hip-disease present ; but he thought it
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a repugnant sense that he is assisting at a discussion of stock-
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than a woman, and none more hospitabie to new ideas
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ciety, and the District Medical Society of Northwestern
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been a deviation from the normal bony growth from disturbances in its con-
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the pens of well-known and able writers, such themes of practi-
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Perhaps I should have continued with the high potencies ; but,
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before the obstetrical section of the Association on "Fis-
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The following morning (the eighth day of the disease), tem-
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absorbed in 1892 by the Society of the Lying-in-Hospital. Since
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Medical College, at Pittsfield, Mass., continuing also to lecture in the
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iu the cavity of Retzius and in tjje ischio-fectal foss.a^ and
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We will have to concede, that what may be termed unconscious