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portion of the universal arterio-capillary degeneration described by Gull
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If we leave the questions of international politics as too broad a
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contagious diseases of September to June nearly down
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cervix uteri or advanced phthisis. The results in either case
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abforbents of the Ikin. Let this be as it will, it is our bufmefs
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that of 1810 — framed with great care and conscientiousness a series ot
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together in a number of places, and in one place there was a
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he administers a full dose of Quinine, 10 grains, often
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kind of perfume, according to choice. It should be used
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The dressing was left in place ten days, removed, the posi-
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of apparently normal hairs. The beginning of this was ob-
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determination of Mr. Skey : " I have myself adopted a rule for many years,
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sick with an exhausting disease like measles, diphtheria, or
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continued unchanged, except that he complained of increasing
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well borne, almond oil can be used, as in the Oleum phosphoratum of the
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its extreme northern limit of frequent invasion, or development.
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been, if not mainly their work, at least in no small
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retired medical director of the United Stales navy,
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the needle is inserted into the vein; the funnel is kept three feet
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piece of open capillary glass tubing. The electrode vessel is then complete.
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might also be kept under the influence of chloroform for
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and viscera, or evidences of tertiary lues, should be made in all cases of
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although the hernia may be irreducible, yet the signs of
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The following classes of applications will be entertained: 1.
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patient may leave the hospital apparently recovered
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plained of a gnawing pain in the region of the stomach. I soon adminis-
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comes reconciled to the state of celibacy. When this equilibrium
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tive disturbance, in the form of inflammation at present imder con-
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sion. A flap was thus formed, the free angle of which corresponded to the
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has given. These sensorial tendencies, of which we liave received a
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Excessive indulgence in venery, when it does not lead to involuntary sem-
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course, choose the one that seems best adapted to the purpose; and it would
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in vitro. Friedberger has shown that by mixing bacteria ^^■ith immune
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bloody ichor (perhaps of offensive odor), and they may
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ing powers should have a part in the enforcement of these
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dance; he had no physical sign of aneurism, or of any tumour
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mena which these several affections entail. It is further aided by the
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with the infantile type of Cheyne-Stokes, and we cannot, therefore,
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Of course, the best mode of averting this terrible distemper
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coarsest usually employed for sutures. liCt this be about two feet and a
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public supports incrementally expanding insurance cov-
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The immense power of the imagination, both in causing and curing disease, has been
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open to this objection, but it is believed that the difficulties
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