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L ny J. Z. LAURENCE, F.R.C.S., M.B.Lond., Surgeon to the

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I only cursorily alluded to the frequency of dropsy as

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Whatever may be the theory of its origin, Basedow's disease is

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August 8th, contains the following :— " The increase

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filters might be placed, if it can be proved that char-

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There could be no doubt that the thi'ee distinguished

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stimulants of this class. Tobacco affects different people in different

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during which time upwards of 600,000 cases of cure have been

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striving after the unattainable, we should lose sight

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■which are not involved in the fatal cancerous disease,

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Finally, the valves may be incompetent entirely independent of

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asked its insertion, simply because it is an apt illus-

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sent to record my opinion that both those causes con-

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''T.CuIleton, heraldic engraver to the Queen and H.R.H

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chitis, especially when of frequent recurrence, affect the lungs in the

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house (suitable to receive an invalid or two) with garden, stabling, <fcc.

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failed me. Men of ' science' have acknowledged to me

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deeply interested in man's physical and social pro-

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cases were not, however, referred to by Dr. Barnes,

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The first indications of weakness are usually felt in a vague sense

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ties : since their accumulation in the system is liable

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