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from the fundus uteri; it contained about a pint and a half of urinous looking
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jective and objective ; repeated examinations of the fundus of the eye
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health. It consists of an effusion of the watery part of the
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pneumonia by lowering the general bodily resistance.
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In some cases it is more or less continually present, and in others it is never
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candle-power. An alternating-current electric arc is not
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trol, possibly preserves the syphilitic pa- improves upon this by injecting five c. c.
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of these remarks has seen the various forms of this
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vice expected of us, and the most unselfish devotion to
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penalty of dismissal, be allowed to wear trailing skirts.
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Akt. III. — Vegetable Parasites and the Diseases caused Iry
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will thereby lessen shock and relieve septic infections.
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ministered several doses of santonine, followed by castor-oil : a nimiber of
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Dealing with the same subject, the Prefet of the Ehone,
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When attention was first called to Dr. Sims's views, the efficacy of a
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heat in the body operated upon. Hence, again, they may be
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pain at the time, but its action is certain, | that it also enters into combination, retain-
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need not detain us here. As yet, however, but little is known of this
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colonel of the United States Army during the World War. The
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days remaining to round out the first year of the new
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of practical import the recurrences are usually easily removed
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of a 1 per cent, starch solution and left at 36 . An achromic reaction was
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The Corporation consulted their Law Adviser, who expressed
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htly thickened at the edge of the ulcer. The fundi of the gastric glands are
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margin most distal from the cord. If these vasa aberrentia run in the