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' very little short of £1,000, which must be paid by the Council.

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two obvious errors of judgment were committed; namely, (1) by A. in


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recent unfortunate withdrawal of the pre-existing restriction

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on the question of examinations and licences, and under those

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exclusive services, so that he might not be liable to be inter-

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the abdomen, which appears with such extraordinary frequency, and at a

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The patient did not suSer in any way from the operation.

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second chapter, which takes up 130 pages out of the 167 com-

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teachers in all subjects that teaching was divorced from

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will ask you to-night what value you now attach to that

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publications of the Ladies' Sanitary Association, the National Health

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Mr. J. A. Coleclough, Abercanaid (Branch only) ; Mr. W. VV.

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ment of two sides of palate ; no von.iting ; breathing 24. fairly deep ; pulse

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inlets from which streams of cold air pour downwards, as no

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tion of Middle Meningeal Arfery.~Dr. Knight (Swansea)

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