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of her condition ; besides, this woman, her relative,
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can give precise rules, for the same will not suffice
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the cutaneous, the gastro-intestinal and nephritic troubles that
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Dr. Weir, of New York, said that, according to some
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asylums which we had visited in different and distant countries.
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recognized lesions, of common occurrence in infancy,
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tructive energy of any of these agents when they are used in
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point, and this is rendered practicable by the diminution of the range of move-
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The face is flushed and the eyes injected, but delirium is rare, and the
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been abstracted, depending on what Dr. Hall terms intolerance of loss of blood,
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Remarks on Dipygus Parasiticus. (Plate VI.) . . . . 542
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oess. Ten per cent, bismuth paste injection (closure) (lig. 12) 173
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nual meeting in November. Original papers and cases in
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is granted that the City Government at present can ill
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forming centres may result in the appearance of new
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left sinus by an accumulation within the latter of thickened pus, and the press-
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class picture. This was considered our first decisive victory, as the picture was taken before the horde of Sophs
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believe it was imperative to eliminate all the foci,
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which the growth may extend as there are possibilities. We are
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who cared for nothing but to see their flesh and blood sold to the highest
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instilling 5 c.c. of isotonic salt solution and as-
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A secondary case of a communicable disease arises as a result
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present knowledge of the subject. Dr. A. J. McCosh,
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ply wish to record my success with the Dieckerhoff method.
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carefully studied instances oi wounds of nerves, we have
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observed. One-half hour later these same guinea-pigs are given an intra-
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could not be traced. Cases reported by Lenander and Besnier are
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4. To increase the power of the mind 10. As a tonic to the voice, invaluable to speakers
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of unusual epidemics, these charities amount to a very
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left ear three inches. Deafness to tuning-fork in left ear when vibrating
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has already been very widely acknowledged. Whether it acts
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of the large nerve trunks, with some slight participation of the 'facial
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furrow. It gradually approaches the Sylvian and sweeps roimd
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heats and chills are as uncertain as the pulfe, fome-
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About the third day the eruption makes its appearance,
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existence ? I know of no man who could so well make answer
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thought, a misleading resemblance to ei^ythematous lupus. Nor could he con-
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The bibliograph}', which was a ven,^ useful feature of previous edi-
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In making up the final report to the State Society, due credit will be
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family. The following table gives the age incidence in 5,000 cases of scarlet
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Bougie. — An instrument used to overcome strictures ia
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nostic value of quinine in such circumstances the drug must be
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followed, with head retraction and screaming, but there was no vomiting.
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held by the profession; and I think it not out ot place for me to
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were admitted into the hospital, having a malignant form of typhus fever
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The latter is, however, sufficiently rare as a primary lesion to merit