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These are, first, as to the tendency of antipyrin to produce

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should be performed to rule out invasive carcinoma of the

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therefore, recommend that this proposal not be adopted.

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these corpuscles originate from those of lymph ; and Schultz,

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In this issue of The Journal, (p. 899) Yablonski and

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vide an excellent method for learning and improving per-

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communicating with the superior longitudinal sinus and re-

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of the stigma attached to becoming registered with a public agency

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“interstitial veiling,” subpleural edema, perihilar, perivascu-

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draw its support of H R. 1818, the American Medical

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whites, the relationship with family income and education

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and caused the child to plunge about its bed in great distress.

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surface of the skin. On the outer side of each elbow- joint

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preoperatively the expected success must be weighed careful-

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its sense, qualifying the alteration with " to the best of his re-

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E. & W. Blanksteen Agency, Inc., our administrator for

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use of diazoxide, the potent parentral anti-hypertensive

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to form the opinion that this conservative surgery might have

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found on October 1 7, and again on October 19. On the latter

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counteracted in the future. Were we to neglect these parti-

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should resemble that contained in these cavities in living ani-

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divergent points of view. Needless to say, in the present

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in some quadrupeds still smaller than in the human subject.

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24. Lewis RP, Warren JV: Factors determining mortality in the

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developed in such a way that the characteristic interaction of

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and did not consult any medical man. As the arm did not