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parasites. As to the size of catheters, one should be used
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1. Those who associated with pellagrins outside of the family.
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The present plan and arrangement may be incomplete in
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and every breath be attended with pain. This pain varies from a vague
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overexertion) which could explain the albuminuria, except the grippe seizure
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In speaking of direct medication, the theories advanced to account for
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rior arid internal rectus, with parti;il ptosis. Ibid., 1891-2,
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328:914). In controlled trials, beta-blockers have been
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as evidenced in the statistics of Blundell, Merriman,
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growth, to explain the great sensitiveness of the tumors. The patient,
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apolis General Hospital and then spent three and a half
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The central nervous tissues of the monkeys may be employed for
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quartan, due to F, malariae and showing a quartan or seventy- two hour
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lies in a consideration of the influence of the milk of a
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the cases have not progressed to atrophy. When the atrophic stage is
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were more serious and were a manifestation of general sepsis; 1 patient
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of its head and ears, and in its disposition. On the contrary, the
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themselves. Scientific contributions from all parts of the
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autopsies, has afforded occasion for generalizing as to
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paroxysms of straining. Searching did not at first de-
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the patient. In cases in which the distress was out of propor-
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turally led to place in premonitory symptoms but little confi-
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accompanying febrile disturbance, and in the time in which
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Arch. f. klin. Chir., Berl., 1892-3, xlv, 149-1.52. .
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enable the Council to deal more rapidly with those guilty of
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Gastrointestinal: Nausea, epigastric distress, vomiting, anorexia, stomatitis, peculiar
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but in most of these instances the disease has first
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clothes of the patients, they may produce a little ir-
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which the muscles of the eye ball are attached. This button-like
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The localizations of lichen ruber jilanus are, in their order of fre-
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late Professor Cuming with the same complaint. There was
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dre.ssings an 1 th^ antis.^ptic dressing of Lister have
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extremely active throughout the domains that were under
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Fever.— E. Mayer reports the case. The patient was a woman
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growth of the United States. In March 1809, it was enacted
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i^ioM ,1 -diairr vsitli ,1 l.irije h .np ,,t ,|im!I
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of the molecules of the nervous filament that abuts on the brain, must affect it, and produce
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similarity of the symptoms of the latter to those occurring in hysteria, it
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may be accounted for partly by the fact that mosquitoes seldom bite
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The Culture of Diphtheria-bacilli in Hard-boiled Eggs. —
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fortunate enough to solve quite a long time ago ; and I
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King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, late As-
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has occurred in these experiments in a ninety -day period (the minimum
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an increase in the amount of blood or of red blood-corpuscles in this condi-
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in place of quarantine. If any States prefer the latter, it submits principles
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When tight-lacing has been practised to an extreme de-