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4. Remittent fever is characterized by the occurrence of remissions,
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expected, the notes prefixed to the specific distinctions in this
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Vas (33), Mann (23), Lugaro (29), Sjoeval (32), DoUey (17, 18,
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was often possible to obtain longitudinal sections in the median
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H3'gienic measures are certainly not less important than remedies.
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situated in the vicinity of the anus, and one in the perineum.
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From these experiments May and Horsley concluded that the
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contains but little albumen or none whatever. This occurs especially in
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Induration or sclerosis of the cord gives rise to paralysis differing, as
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circumstances the image falls exactly at the extremity of the
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must be soaked in water, and the mass squeezed out softly and
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Medical Joint Stock Company in Paris.— \q fully participate
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based on the assumption that but three-fifths of total solids are
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to get out in consequence of the car getting off the track. The car was
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Vineland Training School, were selected from the collection in
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under consideration. Sugar, generally in small quantity, and for a tran-
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simple remittent fever, as regards especially its distinctive features, and,
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at that time, and still is, my opinion that it has by no means
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ceptible change effected: and if the presence of two large
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It may appear first in the neighborhood of a blister or sore existing in
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the more important species are as folloTrs : 1. Xeuralgia affecting the fifth
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to be tj'phoid fever. With exception of the person last referred to, every
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additional diseases have been treated of, among which may be named Diseases Incidental to Birth,
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becomes developed, and this hastens the fatal issue. Phthisis was the
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same as the synocha of CuUen. This disease cannot easily be
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* This term is applied to tlie kteial flaps of skin^ the inferior surface of
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well without a bad symptom. On the day after the ligature came oft' he
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their generation, the manner of their entrance into the system, and their
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its origin, having attached to its furdier or loose extremity a
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least partially destitute of protoplasm, so that the fluid of the
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of the cases which, until lately, were considered to exemplify this affection,
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the head of the anatomical characters of the disease.
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Pains in the epigastrium are common, extending to the right hypochon-
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the semilunar ganglion foramen to expose the roots of the trigem-
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vented. In motor paralysis either motor nerves or motor nervous tila-
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The two conditions which constitute the mechanism of
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there been, any facial paralysis. The tongue was protruded in a right