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of disease"!, such as Bilious Pleurisy, Dropsy, Palsey,

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movable cause of their distresses, hence any form of treat-

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were mitigated, but were still severe. Later the open-

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' appearance. The medical examiners gave it as their opinion that the deceased

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may provide a ration which violates nature's law, but

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treasurer, Dr. A, Walter Suiter, Herkimer, N. Y.; executive

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there was a white, perfectly mobile scar. The speaker

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outset, and, indeed, all along, is less violent than in colic, and, after a

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proportion of the cases in which the two diseases are associated, the

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extends beyond the vesicated part. In this case we direct the

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of the “minor” ailments would be covered, etc. That is.

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path of the rays which produced the negative.' This is done in a very

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border, as in the former instance, but more rapidly and to a

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dupois ounce or 437.5 grains as oz. stands for Avoirdupois ounce

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suspended in salt solution. The vaccinating dose was ten thousand

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heat destroyed the infection, while it did not hurt the

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and by his own order, consign bim to an asylum, registered hospital oar

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drive. The engineer seeing the position of the patient, reversed his

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tions as is observed in fever. These symptoms maybe looked upon as an in-

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of the limbs, or partly under the control of the will, like the

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sensitive to pressure. Vomiting is not frequent; it usually occurs when

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For the week ending March 16 there were 81 cases admitted to

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average worker form a striking contrast to the condition met with

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The remainder, four-fifths, only draw ' unemployed ' pay, while yet

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the loss through death of one of its most valued members, the late

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For Biography . see Deut sche med. Presse, Berl.,1897, i,89.

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blood serum, free from oclls, repeated every other day for five

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the gastric glands, and checks their excessive secretion, or by

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course of epidemics in different parts of the world (India, Cochin-China,

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less intensity than the ordinary suppurative inflammation caused by the

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cess a solution of bichloride of mercury in simple tincture

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— cerebral substance free from congestion ; vessels on surface slightly

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.•\rt. 4. The Officer of Customs detaining any ship as

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the same effects in a less degree upon the bronchial tubes