Effexor Withdrawal Taper

ment, and Medicolegal Relations. By T. D. Crothers, M. D., Super-

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909-1004.— I»Iecker (W. A.) An unnamed" fever of the

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effexor withdrawal taper

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Hare-lip is either hereditary or accidental. In either case

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whether all cases which present Banti's symptom-complex should be classed together.

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diet. The patient is to be nourished by those nutritious articles of food

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are those diseases which have their seat in the mucous membranes. Thus,

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It appeared to me to be a real bilious fever, inasmuch as by

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where, as we have seen, deep pouches of the knee-joint exist.

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Salikk purgatives, on the physiological action of. By A. Moreau, M.D 121

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If the spasm is not relieved by the warm bath, an emetic should be

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In addition fleas act as intermediate hosts for certain tapeworms

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