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deal in treating syphilitic pregnant women and new-born

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cystin is insoluble in solutions of ammonium carbonate.

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Even where a mother's health will not permit her to

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attacked the unimpregnated female. (See " Pleura.")

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Causation and description. — This affection was first clearly described

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nection between syphilis and vaccination, and declared that, in order to form

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References 1- Silvis SE Griffin J, Hardin R et al Final reporl on the United States multicenter trial

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may die apparently from inanition resulting from constriction

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ous swarms of insects have made their appearance. In short^ a

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be demonstrated. The temperature is irregular. There is paroxysmal

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insbesoudei e beiui chronischeu Mittelolirk.itarrhe. Wien.

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July 1843 she came again to me, having had severe inflamma-

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that is, subjective symptoms may be for some time in abeyance if the

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dusted with iodoform or aristol, and covered with sublimate

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logical anatomy and pathological physiology. One is not quite

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should be " cut open," or anything else done that would give him

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soon afterwards laid his head on his mother's lap and lost all consciousness.

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MRS. L.N. FOWLER, M. D., Prof, of Midwifery and diseases of women and

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Deutsche otologische Gesellschaft. [See Verhandl. d. deutsch,

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tribute to the memory of the more distinguished of the

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by inspection' are deficiency of respiratory movement over the affected

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but other factors such as genetic predisposition, nutritional

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as tuberculous all those for which no other cause can be found.

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which contain the comma bacilli. The disease may also be trans-

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nurse : "Bring me good things, mother, and curse relieving sul-

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made at intervals of from IJ to several hours. Controled

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hundred-weight* (the seven inferior kinds not included), while of

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verity of the pain, in the absence of distinct paroxysms, and in the

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deserving people. In the New York Hospital, out-door

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Uric Acid. — M. Bouley has presented to the French

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He made good flights and landings, and was at the time of the

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macterick. The patient, in this instance, was a girl of " delicate

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purpose of drainage. 8. In cases of chronic intra-articular suppuration, it is

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adequate to remove the stains, and it was only after

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The author first passes in review the different methods

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athletes, and some with medical research experience. Twenty-two were entering

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tribal members. She notes that the health insurance and the