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same building, and are kept together as nearly as possible. We have

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its application in other cities have been fully realized here. Vaults are

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and is distributed to the skin on the outer side of the foot.

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Givichlijpunkten danri^tellt. xiii -f 274 pp., 220 figs. 8®. Jena.

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The Effects of Venous Pressure on the Form of Pulse Tracing are, clinical '///,

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that treatment can effect is the relief of the nasal obstruction as far

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relieving the internal sanguineous congestion. This hypothesis, how-

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two coils. The first or i)rimary coil consists of a large,


hitherto known respecting it, occurring in our own times.

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cases. The red blood-cells are stained diffusely brown, although this, at present


processes in man and beast arc identical. When such is the

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contents, which form with the water a gelatinous paste (clear-

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the muscular one by pinching the latter up with a fold. On

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tate to marry, almost entirely on accoimt of their future

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directed the attention of the profession here and elsewhere to its great

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MASA be informed when intent to file grant applica-

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The second case which had come under his notice was that of a healthy primipara,

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may dart backwards towards the scapulas, or be confined under

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sive process. In the latter case, the action assumes the suppu-

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the Avarnincr is some sensation. The sensation is the effect on conscious-

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after consulting ADVERSE REACTIONS In patients with active peptic ulcer and active

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men are worn out, unfit for duty, but not actually ill;

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rejected, and this not without these rejected instru-

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greater safety from the dangers of tension or imper-

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ters of recommendation from anybody, knowing that human nature is very

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R. V. = f^; made clearer by 0-25 D. cyl. ax. 180°.

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changes in the new tissue, is not of great frequency. Granular and

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318 men and 223 women, it is noticeable that the highest per-

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Joaquin County Medical Society and was presented with an

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hundred and forty-seven persons, of whom about two per

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just enough to keep up arterial tension, a man is justified in taking

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ing systole the blood which has become venous in the

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complications which are due to rupture of an aneurysm, to sclero-gummatous

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symptoms of intra-cranial disease as convulsions, deUrium, paraly-

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the face alone are paralyzed, the action of the deep mus-

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of astonishment that so valuable a collection should so little attract

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coming from the right side of the heart. As an example, we may cite a