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efforts to do something to save their desperately sick and suffering

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were available, it would be difficult to say whether

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Since it is similar with ro-rard to its charactrrs and metabo-

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2. In the presentation the families will be designated as A, B, G, D,

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intact animal. The process is dependent upon the life of the mem-

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was grossly bloody or tarry. No amebae or other para-

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gutting bench. The carcass is here eviscerated, and during this process carefully exam-

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lated foci occur in the tongue, it is recommended by certain German authorities to

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many larger fatty droplets. Intermediate fibers also occur w^hich are

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in 1889. He demonstrated the causative relationship of a number

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through any of the States or Territories or portions thereof hereinbefore set out In this

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Unless otherwise stated, the above-described tubercle bacilli were from solidi-

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bald Smith and Ten Broeck, and the latter disease by Schmeisser * in

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differences between certain muscles of the cat, which are believed to

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and caseo-calcareous areas being present. The material within them was often

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9. Rein, C. R., and Bossak, H. N.: Am. J. Syph., Gonor, &

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fat by Herxheimer's method. Although these photogn4;>hs are presented

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enlarged. The pulmonary arteries and veins are not abnormal. The left

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city ; and the city meat Inspectors, or any one of them, are hereby authorized to enter

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veins will be distended to the size of the little finger

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ments have substantiated in every way the results published in Bulle-

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Case 3. — In a man of 35, who had been treated for papillcmia of the

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erans Administration, Oteen, N. C. They report that

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with cultures of a transition form of the human type, even though

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A pure culture of stM>bylococcus aureus was obtained from the pus of the

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